• Heather

    I'm Heather Shipley, owner and co-founder of Boudoir by Heather in Seattle, Washington. My goal, not only as a photographer but as a business owner is to make sure my clients have the best experience possible. I feel developing a personal connection with the client is key to having the best boudoir session and is absolutely essential to getting the best pictures. After all, you'll look sexy and confident if you're in a setting that is relaxed and comfortable. For that reason my boudoir schedule is limited and often times I only take one client per day. I believe in taking as much time as possible with each client to ensure they have the best experience possible. In the end, your pictures will be classy, tasteful and full of energy...and best of all - sexy..

    Most women come in to have boudoir photographs done for a particular reason special to them, whether it be to give to a lover or to artistically capture their body and sensuality in the prime of their life. There are many reasons why a woman would choose to do boudoir and I recognize and strive to understand the goals with each client.

    I also photographs weddings. If you're looking for a wedding photographer, click here. In fact, if you're looking for boudoir as part of your wedding photography experience, you'll find that some of our wedding packages include Boudoir.

    Thank you for stopping by.